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Provide your students with access to tutorials designed to exactly match the exam board specification along with thousands of online self-marking questions along with detailed feedback to help them identify their strong and weak points. Teachers have instant access to students progress and attainment reports enabling them to assess students against their target grades.

Welcome to Hyperteach

Hyperteach is an exciting new website that produces educational videos and resources to help students build their confidence and work towards securing top marks in both short and long answer questions.

Students will gain an understanding of how to break down and decipher a range of questions across a range of exam specifications. By experiencing and repeating this process with different exam questions students should be able to access and achieve high marks. This has been highlighted as a common problem nationally through enhanced results analysis.

Teachers are able to closely track the progress and performance of all students in their classes.

Explore the site to learn more, and get in touch with any questions.

Home PageVideo Tutorials

Exam-board specific video tutorials teach students everything they need to succeed

Home PageOnline Quizzes

A non-pressure quizzing environment. This is a formative space for students to test their knowledge.

Home PageCertificates

End-of-module tests. Featuring questions from from all topics taken in an exam-style format

Home PageExam Questions

Long style exam questions provided for every topic, including mark schemes

Home PageEngaging tasks

Both individual and group tasks included for every topic making lesson planning a breeze

Home PageProgress Tracking

Student tracking linked to individual target grade identifying areas of improvement

Home PageRevision Aids

Flipped learning mats provided for every topic, acting as great revision notes for exam preparation.

Home PageAll Keywords Covered

Every keyword covered by the exam topic is highlighted and explained throughout the course

Home PageQualified Help

Qualified teacher available during school hours to provide assistance to both teachers and students

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For Students

Do you look at exam questions and think where do I start? Or do you you just not know enough about the topics? Don't worry, we have the answer!

Our courses are designed around the exam specification, so for every topic that you need to know we will provide you with:

  • An education video
  • A learning task to further expand and cement the knowledge of the subject
  • Revision Sheets
  • A list of all required keywords
  • A long exam style question for each required topic
  • Online quizzes / tests to check you have the correct level of knowledge
  • Access to your own transcript to check for weak areas to aid revision
Home Page
Home Page
Home Page

For Teachers

In addition to the student materials, you will be provided with:

  • A student tracker linked to the students individual target grade
  • A classroom group activity on each topic
  • Access to check all students progress and achievements
  • Mark schemes for the long exam style questions
  • Access to all your students transcripts and certificates

These resources will allow you to use your classroom time more effectively and through using our flipped classroom approach you can set relevant homework in seconds.




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